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This is the first day, I prepare myself for TOEFL testing. I think I have a problem with listening part most. So everyday, I’ll try to practise it by watching movie with English sub-title and listen the practise video below.


This video talks about Human Migration. The first time I listen, I think it’s very fast. I cannot take any issues with this article. So sad >.<, but this is the beginning right ? (cheer myself ^^). So I try to listen again, wow! I already get the main idea and some contents; I means some words, not much ha ha ha. Finally I can answer the question (score: 4/5). OK, It’s a very good new for the first day ^^



Anthropology:  the study of humankind, past and present.

Invasion: to enter (a country, territory, etc.) by military force

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TOEFL Listening Practice – Lecture 1

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